The Digital Feast 

Slacking and Productivity

Darwin Was a Slacker and You Should Be Too Summary: “When you examine the lives of history’s most creative figures, you are immediately confronted with a paradox: They organize their lives around their work, but not their days. Read and watch at: Digitally mined from:   Is... read more

Seize the Moment! (Carpe Momentum!)

Time, Memory, Marriage, and What Makes Us Who We Are Summary: ““Time is a river which sweeps me along, but I am the river; it is a tiger which destroys me, but I am the tiger; it is a fire which consumes me, but I am the fire.” Read... read more

The Arts

Why Do So Many Musicians End Up Being One-Hit Wonders? Summary: “So what is it about pop stardom that makes it so difficult to sustain? Actually, to call a one-hit wonder a “pop star” is highly denigrating to proper pop stars like David Bowie or Prince, who built long... read more

Health and Encouragement

The rise of “Generation Health” Summary: “After rising for a decade, life expectancy in America has begun leveling off and has even declined for some groups.” Read and watch at: Digitally mined from:   Silicon Valley Would Rather Cure Death Than Make Life Worth Living Summary: “After disrupting the... read more

Media Shapes Our Life and Our Faith

Building Empathy and Solidarity Through Story Summary: “Humans spend about a third of their waking hours daydreaming. It’s a survival feature. Our constant imagining of a possible future helps prepare us for the future that actually comes. We’ve already practiced giving that speech at the office, or what we’ll... read more

Learning to Dialogue in a Digital World

No Good at Emoji? Don’t Give Up Summary: “I’m horrible at emoji—it’s like a foreign language for me. I always get “???” replies from friends. What should I do?” Read and watch at: Digitally mined from:   Sideways Dictionary Explains Complex Tech Jargon With Analogies Summary: “Tech... read more

Memory and Mentors

Sound waves boost older adults’ memory, deep sleep Summary: “Pink noise synced to brain waves deepens sleep and triples memory scores in older adults.” Read more a Digitally mined from   The “ludic loop” of checking email, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all day Summary: “Slot machines are... read more

Mapping Our World and Our Lives

The Adorable Maps Today’s Cartographers Made as Kids   Summary: Have you ever wondered how someone got their start? Does a love for one’s work begin at an early age? Isn’t our work supposed to be a vocation rather than simply a job? Take a look at how these... read more

Community and Culture

Beyonce, Chance the Rapper, A Tribe Called Quest bring religion to Grammys Summary: ““They (black artists0 don’t see the secular and the sacred as being two different things. This is an animated universe with spirits and life and diversity and lots of modes of giftedness that are happening all... read more

Learning and Leading

If You Want to Learn Faster, Overclock Your Audio and Video Summary: “Skimming, after all, was how people dealt with the original info boom, the Gutenberg press. It produced such a flood of books and pamphlets that readers learned to vary their reading speed—sometimes zipping through pages, sometimes lingering... read more