As Facebook reels, Silicon Valley dabbles in ethics

Summary: “Facebook CEO [Mark Zuckerberg’s opening] comment [to Cognress] offers a glimpse into what experts say is a shift within the American tech sector: a rapid, albeit uneven, embrace of ethics, one that Zuckerberg hinted at during his opening remarks before the Senate, saying of the Cambridge Analytica incident, “We didn’t take a broad enough view of our responsibility, and that was a big mistake.”

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From Coco to the Cross

Summary: “Coco is a story about family and adventure and Latin culture, but it is also a story about the importance of memory. By the end of the movie, we see that a malicious unjust memory endured in the living world, and only Miguel can set it right by escaping the dead world and telling the truth.”

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An Axiom of Feeling: Werner Herzog on the Absolute, the Sublime, and Ecstatic Truth

Summary: ““The soul of the listener or the spectator… actualizes truth through the experience of sublimity: that is, it completes an independent act of creation.”

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Why trying to be too efficient will make us less efficient in the long run

Summary:America, I think, has always been a pioneer of efficiency. They were admired by Europeans for their rigorous efficiency in doing everything, and the criticism of Americans was that they were so concerned with making money and with efficiency that they were losing out on the finer things in life. On the other hand, European observers were always coming over here and trying to copy American methods!”

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Former Google and Uber engineer is developing an AI ‘god’

Summary: “By 2029, computers will reach human levels of intelligence, according to one theory. In fact, Google already uses a bot called the Assistant that can answer just about any web-search related inquiry. Could what we trust and rely on so heavily on a daily basis evolve into a ‘religion’ or a cult?”

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