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Massah and Meribah

Do you know that God is near?

My Prayer For You

Pastor’s Prayer for 30 July 2017


Faith issues in love. Love is not a belief system. Love does not mean agreeing with everything someone else thinks. Love prevails as the only precept. Love rises above conflict, extends the hand of peace, even the peace to differ. Love bears the fruits of the kingdom. Love does not require another to be like you. But love respects differences, respects all people as children of God, all searching, all erring. Love exists within humility and humanity. Love cares for others, even if others do not care. Love does not throw stones. Nor make demands. And especially not the demand for uniformity. But love celebrates divides and draws strings across canyons. Love extends hands that touch hearts, because Love is greater than opinions, dictums, and legalisms. Love does not seek to extinguish individualism but celebrates community, invites and builds relationships even when each wears different shoes and walks different talks. Love sings a tune of hope and invites a symphony of diverse voices, not demanding the same notes, the same song, the same way, but sings together with others. Love maintains identity while rejoicing in human relationship with all people. Love God and neighbor. Love God first. Love to give your neighbor even better than what you would love for yourself. Love your neighbor because your neighbor is human like you. Humanity has no sides. Love takes no sides. But only affirms and recognizes its neighbor in flesh and blood. The blood of humanity is thicker than the waters of contention, and we all share blood. Love is not an ideology or a standard, not an expectation or demand. Love does not seek justice and is not dependent on fairness, but transcends both of these. For Christian life is not fair, but is committed to the gifts of love and mercy. Love is merciful. Love lets go of control, power, and the desire to mete out punishments. Love respects that God is the only justice. And that God’s justice is cloaked in mercy. Love desires not to serve in the place of God, but steps aside to allow Christ to lead. Love does not need idols. But serves only in the name of the one who is Love. Love God. Love neighbor. Love in faith that the Love of Christ is more powerful than being right. That love is more powerful than being wrong. Only Love wins. Love in faith. Just love.

–Lori Wagner


Sound Theology with Colleen Butcher


Rain Stories

It’s a dry spell here; a long stretch of sunshine and hot weather. We have not had rain for a couple of weeks, and the next two weeks look beautiful, too. But at Sound Theology we are in the midst of Ordinary Time, and music about water. This week’s composers are all...

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The Open Table

The Dragon Keeper’s Handbook

The Dragon Keeper’s Handbook: Including the Myth & Mystery, Care & Feeding, Life & Lore of these Fiercely Splendid Creatures

By Shawn MacKenzie

ISBN 978-0-7387-2785-1

Published 2011; 314 pages

–Review by Douglas Balzer


Here be Dragons . . . Not the slavering, whimsical monsters from childhood fancies, but real dragons—fierce, complex, wondrous, and wild. They do not require our belief; they never have. – from the publisher.

     Do you need to stimulate your imagination back to life? Then think momentarily about St. George and the dragon. It is a classic medieval tale that is still told today. For me, there has always existed a childhood fascination with dragons. Growing up hearing the tales of the fierce beasts and the knights who rescued people from them and ultimately slew the monsters was just what a boy like me needed to fuel his imagination while on my grandparent’s farm. There were many an adventure into the woods of the canyon, (Silver Creek Canyon, Oregon) that with my brothers and cousins we engaged the creatures. Sometimes we would become friends with the dragons. Other times we fought great battles. The variety within their kind was endless only limited by our imaginations. read more…

The Digital Feast with Derek White

Books, Magazines, and Newspapers

Digital may be the future, but print still looms large in the present fortunes of newspapers Summary: “Print-only looks to remain a distinct and substantial market segment for some time to come. Read more at: Digitally mined from:...

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