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Master Sermon

Weekly powerhouse sermons based on the traditional lectionary.

 Who Requires Entry?

Remember who and whose you are!

Story Sermon

Interactive metaphor-rich sermons based on the new Story Lectionary along with Image Exegesis.

The Tragedy of Caiaphas

When God reveals a message, Caiaphas responds –with a death sentence!

My Prayer For You

Pastor’s Prayer for 26 March 2017

Lord Jesus,
You are my righteousness,
I am your sin.
You took on you what was mine;
yet set on me what was yours.
You became what you were not,
that I might become what I was not.
– Martin Luther


Sound Theology with Colleen Butcher


Cantus Firmus

Everything needs a foundation. Trees only grow tall, their branches and leaves reaching toward the skies, because of the stability of their roots. In the 13th century, composers began using a technique that became known as cantus firmus. A low melody of long notes was used to ground or... read more

The Open Table

The Shack

The Shack, starring Sam Worthington, Octavia Spencer, and Tim McGraw read more…

The Digital Feast with Derek White

Learning to Dialogue in a Digital World

No Good at Emoji? Don’t Give Up Summary: “I’m horrible at emoji—it’s like a foreign language for me. I always get “???” replies from friends. What should I do?” Read and watch at: Digitally mined from:   Sideways Dictionary Explains Complex Tech Jargon With Analogies Summary: “Tech... read more