Creative Mother’s Day Ideas for the Church

Summary: “Well it’s that time of year again. Here’s a collection of Mother’s day video clips and creative ideas of how you can celebrate Mother’s day in your Sunday Worship service.”

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What are the psychological effects of losing your religion?

Summary: “For many, their religion is a core part of their identity, the meaning they find in life, and their social world. It seems likely that changing this crucial aspect of themselves will have significant psychological consequences.”

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Many Americans are lonely, and Gen Z most of all, study finds

Summary: “If you ever feel disconnected from others, take some solace in the fact that you’re not alone. A new report finds many Americans are lonely, and younger adults appear to be the hardest hit.”

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Scientists Have Observed Memories Being Passed Down For 14 Generations

Summary: “The most important set of genetic instructions we all get comes from our DNA, passed down through generations. But the environment we live in can make genetic changes, too.”

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‘You can never have too many mimosas’: How brunch became the day-wrecking meal that America loves to hate

Summary:Shawn Micallef, a Toronto Star columnist, penned ‘The Trouble With Brunch,’ a book that connects brunch culture with a kind of class warfare. Micallef’s call-out netted him his first death threat. People don’t appreciate it, he notes sympathetically, when you take shots at things they love.”

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