Sound Theology by Colleen Butcher

Third Sunday After Pentecost

Today we start off with “Thanks” by Ceili Rain.

After you have listened to the above song, read Psalm 3.

Now Listen to this song by Keith Green—(Yes, this is a throwback)

Now, how do you feel?

Now read 1 Samuel 2: 1-10.

Now listen to “Days of Elijah”

What’s my point? No matter what we are going through, even when we don’t “feel like it”, we are His and HE will see us through. Our job is to sit back, hang on, and let God drive. Now I am not talking about a Sunday drive. I am talking about space mountain with no seat belts! Yet, HE will deliver us safe. There is no one like YHWH. He will save!

Second Sunday After Pentecost

Last week we celebrated Trinity Sunday as well as the Baptism of Jesus.  This week, I wanted to focus even more on Jesus.  As I read through the verses and stories for this week in the Revised Lectionary and The Story Lectionary, I was overwhelmed by the presence of Jesus in each reading.  So, today I wanted us to listen to some songs about Jesus. As you look, see where you find Jesus winking at you.  In some of these songs, it will be apparent, in some songs, you will have focus.  Either way, Jesus is waiting for you to join Him in the song!

Celtic Woman – Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring (live)


“Africa” le Toto as Gaeilge


Avicii – Wake Me Up (Official Video)


Casting Crowns – Only Jesus (Official Lyric Video)






Trinity Sunday

Sunday After Pentecost

There are many ways to praise God.  God has placed praise on our lips and words of joyfulness on our tounges. Let’s listen to the same song (Ode to Joy/Joyful Joyful) performed in various ways:

Did you listen to all of them?  Which one was your favorite? Why?

When it comes to praising God, there are as more ways to praise Him than there are stars in the heavens. The means to praise Him may vary, but the end is to praise Him.


The Spirit of Pentecost

The Spirit of Christ filled the place, and the disciples were changed forever. 

We all want to be filled like that.  We all want that mountain shaking power. We are given that power; sometimes it is in just saying thank you to the barista, sometimes it is in holding the door open for someone, sometimes it is in doing something that may cost us our lives.  Regardless of how the Spirit works in our Lives… The Spirit is working. 

So many look to peoples strengths to find a miracle. Many see that weakness is a hindrance to miracles.  But miracles are formed out of weakness.  He is our strength.  He is the power to do miracles.  That thing in us that seems so overwhelming weak is the very thing that God will use.  

The Apostles were in an upper room. They were called, but they were afraid.  They felt weak, and indeed, they were weak. They had denied him; they had run away; they had hidden in shame. Yet Jesus commanded them to go into all the world.  They must have asked themselves, “how could God use them when they were so weak”?  When the Holy Spirit came on them, they did not become supermen.  God indwelled their weaknesses.

You see, where the world sees weakness, God sees strength. 


Ascension Sunday

Ascension Sunday

With His ascension, Jesus called us to be His incarnation to the world. That’s a large responsibility. If it were not for Jesus promise of Pentecost, the disciples would have been left with the authority to “Go into all of the worlds” without the power to go.  Yet Jesus, in His Ascension, promised the power was on its way.  Without the power of the Holy Spirit indwelling them, the disciples must have felt scared and alone. The disciples felt like a kite with no wind. Looking at Peter specifically, even Jesus had restored Peter, Peter, just like all of us, must have looked back at all his failures and wondered, “how will I be able to?”  The answer from Jesus seems to be “der child, stop relying on your own power.”  God is the one who covers.

In preparation for Ascension Sunday, God’s promise of covering us rings ever true. In his song “He Covers Me,” Steve Camp sings from a heart of knowing that though we man not now see Him in person, God’s covering is all we need.