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As we soon begin the Advent season, I am humored by so many that think Advent and Christmas are the same thing. They are definitely related, yet distinctly different. Christmas is the celebration of “Christ With us”. Advent is the celebration of the expectancy of the “Coming Christ”. Yes, I know that Christ is already here… I’m talking about the reason for the holiday, the focus of it if you will. The metaphor I will use to display the difference is this: Advent is like waiting for the first pot of coffee to brew. Christmas is like that first sip. Advent is the anticipation of what’s to come. Sometimes there is such pleasure in the anticipation. Christmas is the taste, flavor, energy, and clarity the coffee brings.

Before Christ can be born, He has to gestate. He is eternal, yet for our sakes, he spent 9 months in the womb waiting to be born to us. I wonder if He was as excited to be born to us as we are now for Christmas day?

For me, I associate the time of Advent and Christmas with music… ok I associate everything with music, but ah, the music of this holiday season…

“O Come, O Come Emmanuel” – Traditional Choir

“Breath of Heaven” – Amy Grant

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Preview YouTube video O Come, O Come Emmanuel – Traditional Choir

O Come, O Come Emmanuel – Traditional Choir

Preview YouTube video Amy Grant – Breath Of Heaven

Amy Grant – Breath Of Heaven