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It Will Be Okay: Trusting God Through Fear and Change by Lysa TerKeurst

–Review by Ashley Linne

In recent days, my son and I have read this book together nearly every night. It’s been a comfort to him—and to me—as our family has experienced so many changes the past year. Change is hard.

This story beautifully illustrates the tender love and care of the Father for His children through the tale of a Farmer and two unlikely friends, Little Fox and Little Seed. Little Seed likes things to stay the same, and Little Fox is often afraid. The friends stand by each other through a difficult time of change and get to experience the hope and growth that comes on the other side.

What I really appreciate about the book is that it doesn’t shame kids (or adults!) for having lots of different feelings about dark, messy places. The story acknowledges that when you’re in the thick of it, it can be very confusing and lonely. Learning to trust God is hard work even if, or perhaps especially when, you’re in a position of having to just sit still.

My son is 5.5 years old and he’s the one who consistently pulls this book out for us to read. I think it will be one that stays in our repertoire for many years to come. After all, change seems to be a constant in life. I imagine it will be nice to have a good metaphor to revisit as he grows older. And who doesn’t like to be reassured sometimes that things really will be okay? This is a message we all need right now.