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Godspeed, documentary featuring Matt Canlis, Eugene Peterson, and N.T. Wright

Not rated

Review by Ashley Linne

Godspeed is a short documentary that quietly and beautifully shifts the paradigm of church. Set in Scotland, it follows Matt, a pastor, and his story of finding freedom through his parish. This film illustrates living slowly, doing life outside of walls, the crucial necessity of relationship, and the eternal value of seemingly simple practices like walking through the neighborhood. Eugene Petersen and N.T. Wright are featured alongside Matt and other memorable characters from the parishes of Pitlochry and Methlick.

This film spoke deeply to my heart. I want what this film illuminates: a slow-paced life, one lived in closeness with those around me, knowing my neighbors and being known. I want to live in the art of “slowing down to catch up with God,” as Matt poignantly says.

The film is about 30 minutes long. I highly recommend it and you can watch it right now while it’s available online: