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Aled Jones is a Welsh vocalist, a celebrated boy treble who rose to prominence with a popular Christmas Album, and then a BBC documentary on his training and burgeoning career. From the age of 8 through 12, Jones sang every week in the choir of the cathedral in Bangor Wales. At age 12, he began performing, recording, and singing throughout the UK, recording thirteen albums before his voice broke in 1986. You see, the thing about boy trebles is that their voices are stunning: pure, clean, and beautiful. They develop, and then they change…and no one can predict exactly when that natural process will happen.

But, despite this expected change, and the ensuing reduction in Jones’ recording schedule, he did keep singing and performing. His recent project is a series of duets with his younger self, bringing the innocence of the earlier recordings together with the maturity of his career as an international concert artist.

ST#ST#120 – Walking in the Air