Want to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills? There’s an App For That

Summary: “Users record themselves, and using artificial intelligence, the app rates them on how clearly they speak, whether they vary their voice intonation, and whether they use filler words such as “like” and “um.” Users can continue to practice until they get better results.”

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Four Ways Public Speaking Helps Youth Find Purpose

Summary: “I believe the ability to stand and deliver a well-researched speech can go a long way toward helping a teen determine their purpose in life. At the bottom of most deviant behavior in a lot of teens, communication apprehension is perhaps the reigning culprit.”

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When Public Speaking, Look at Individuals Instead of the Entire Group

Summary: “The next time you’re asked to lead a meeting, teach a class, or give a speech, here’s one way to get everyone’s attention: look at individual people instead of letting your gaze settle on the entire group.”

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What you can learn about public speaking from everyday conversation

Summary: “Whether you’re an experienced business presenter looking to refine your skills or a rookie struggling to overcome stage fright, there’s a helpful source of inspiration you may not have considered: everyday conversations with the people around you.” Number Three gives some much needed advice for preachers.

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5 VR apps that help you be a better public speaker

Summary: Users can choose from different target audience according to their training needs. It can help beginners  and professionals improve their public speaking skills, The app ca also be used by businesses in the field of public speaking training and therapists who help clients overcome their public speaking phobia. The company can even customize a virtual venue to resemble a particular physical venue.

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