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The dance is a common translation of the trinitarian image “perichoresis.” This week, in honour of Trinity Sunday, the playlist features a three-step dance, the waltz. 
The waltz is a wonderful metaphor for the interaction of the holy three-in-one. It originated as a country peasant dance – rustic and spontaneous – an outpouring of the joy of the end of the week and the celebration of community. Over time, the dance took on a more formal structure, developing a tempo, interchange, and connection between the dancers in relation to each other.
Our triune God dances with both abandon and purpose, spinning beauty, goodness, and truth together in spirit and matter. As you listen to these wonderful waltzes, imagine yourself joining the dance. You’re invited! You’re welcomed in! You’re already part of the celebration – enjoy the spinning and dipping.

ST#166 – Trinity Sunday playlist

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Preview YouTube video Swan Lake Waltz – Tchaikovsky

Swan Lake Waltz – Tchaikovsky