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Strip away all of the electronics. Abandon the floodlights and the mosh pit. Get close enough to your audience to see the whites of their eyes. Focus your energy on the simple and the significant. This is how NPR’s Tiny Concerts are formed.

The videos show the musicians crammed amidst the book shelves, desks and paraphernalia of a busy office, but the music is present, connected, and visceral.

When your place the artists in the midst, in the mess, the music takes center stage, but in a totally different way … the relationships have altered.

Whatever your interest, you will probably find a Tiny Desk Concert that speaks to your soul. This is one more opportunity for you to discover a musician or explore a genre during this season of Ordinary Time. What’s new on your playlist?


NPR Tiny Desk Concerts – the main page where you can browse the offerings


If you need a place to start, maybe one of these would do …


Natalie Merchant


Chick Corea and Gary Burton  


Barry Douglas