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Thirty is not the new 20. Many studies are showing the 20’s to be the most important decade of life for relationship formation, job and career placement, and launching into adulthood.


The US is experiencing an opioid epidemic. Presented here in an effective way: The story of Heroin Town.


The Drug Epidemic and How Many Years it is Taking from Young Lives


Why Small Talk Should Be Banned


How Memories Form in Real Time


Why You Should Trust Your Gut


Forget Shorter Showers: Why Personal Change Does Not Equal Political Change


What We Never Got Taught in School: How to Learn


Nothing Affects Behavior Any More Than Weather


Did You Know?

25% of the homeless are dealing with mental health issues. 56% of people in jail or prison. Help a homeless person get off the street and you save the government $40,000 a year. Doing good makes good sense.