Biologos Top 20 Blog Posts of the Year

Summary: BioLogos invites the church and the world to see the harmony between science and biblical faith as we present an evolutionary understanding of God’s creation.

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Christianity Today’s Top 20 News Stories of 2017

Summary: Christianity Today ranks these stories in order of which ones were read the most. Quite an interesting mix. Everything from high profile evangelicals converting to Orthodoxy to the “death of the megachurch.”

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2017 Tech Report Card: Facebook

Summary: “Facebook entered 2017 stronger than it ever had, but with its reputation smeared. During the US presidential election, Facebook had been manipulated by profiteers and Russian agents, who flooded it with fake news and posts meant to inflame partisan divides. Beset by public-relations crises, Facebook spent this year trying to win back the public’s trust, with uneven results.”

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The Most Read Wired Science Stories of 2017

Summary: Wired takes complicated science and explores it in an approachable and engaging manner. Take a look at their top stories of 2017.

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The 7 Loveliest Children’s Books of 2017

Summary: “Great children’s books — the timeless kind, which lodge themselves in the marrow of one’s being and seed into the young psyche ideas that bloom again and again throughout a lifetime — radiate a beauty and profundity transcending age. They are books for all of us and for all time.”

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Happy Public Domain day! Here are the works entering the public domain in Canada and the EU, but not the USA, where the public domain is stagnant


Summary: Looking for great, free public domain resources for 2018? You might be surprised at where you can NOT find them.

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And the TOP READ STORY on The Digital Feast for 2017 is…..

Summary: In checking the clicks on the links for all the stories I have shared with you during 2017, no other story even came close to this one. The story that came the closest only had HALF the clicks that this one had and the winner is…

Darwin Was a Slacker and You Should Be Too

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