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The Spirit of Christ filled the place, and the disciples were changed forever. 

We all want to be filled like that.  We all want that mountain shaking power. We are given that power; sometimes it is in just saying thank you to the barista, sometimes it is in holding the door open for someone, sometimes it is in doing something that may cost us our lives.  Regardless of how the Spirit works in our Lives… The Spirit is working. 

So many look to peoples strengths to find a miracle. Many see that weakness is a hindrance to miracles.  But miracles are formed out of weakness.  He is our strength.  He is the power to do miracles.  That thing in us that seems so overwhelming weak is the very thing that God will use.  

The Apostles were in an upper room. They were called, but they were afraid.  They felt weak, and indeed, they were weak. They had denied him; they had run away; they had hidden in shame. Yet Jesus commanded them to go into all the world.  They must have asked themselves, “how could God use them when they were so weak”?  When the Holy Spirit came on them, they did not become supermen.  God indwelled their weaknesses.

You see, where the world sees weakness, God sees strength.