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The Myth of Normal: Hear! Hear!


Epigenetics: Fathers can pass anxiety and depression to their children genetically, study finds


Undercover Atheists: The Internet has spawned a generation of secret unbelief.


A federal safety board just OK’d the first CRISPR trial to genetically alter humans.


The father of all men is 340,000 years old.


Every Pixar Movie in One Chart: helpful for storytellers.


Facebook’s DeepText has “near-human” understanding of people’s posts. It uses artificial intelligence techniques to understand text with ‘near-human’ accuracy and quickly learn new languages and slang.” We can learn a lot from artificial intelligence.


China predicted to announce the world’s first 100 petaflops computer.


Culture spreads through people, but how does that really happen? This data visualization from Nature Video charts the movement of 120,000 prominent cultural figures – predominantly European and North American – between 600 BC and 2012 CE, by plotting lines between where each one was born and died. While limited by its Euro-centrism – reflecting history as written by the victors – the visualization proves to be an interesting tool for reimagining history.


How Mindfulness Meditation Permanently Changes Your Brain


The people at MIT have discovered the location of memories: Individual neurons

A promising anti-aging drug to be tried on humans.


People under 30 have weaker grips than they did a few decades ago. Not to pick on millennials.