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Last week I gave an overview of the weeks of the Christian Year called “Ordinary Time.” The themes and scripture passages of these next 25+ weeks give the church time and space in which to notice and name the ‘ordinariness’ of life … and yet, the ordinariness is so full of mystery and meaning. Each repetition of the hours, days, weeks, months and years reminds us that our existence both craves order and creates disorder. Our ability to hold order and disorder together – to integrate both so that we trust the movement and the music that they create – is explored during Ordinary Time. The lectionary cycle opens for us the opportunity to set our own disciplines, to develop our own practices, and to determine our own rhythms. One of the opportunities it holds for me is to explore new musical genres and groupings.

This week’s music is vocalist Beckah Shae, and two albums that she calls “Scripture Snacks.” I like these for the simple reason that they are all based on specific scripture passages. As a bonus, these are not your typical easy-listening/pop arrangements – more electronica meets hip hop. Catchy. The kinds of tunes that might stick in your head for a few days, in a good way. Maybe memorizing scripture or singing scripture with your kids might be a practice you’ll embrace during these weeks!


YouTube ST#61 Playlist featuring Beckah Shae. Beckah also has a station on SoundCloud.