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Are video games and VR a new opiate? Will younger humans be able to navigate the offline world?


This is Your Brain on Nature


Why Some People Are More Altruistic Than Others


Why We Believe What We Read on the Internet


David Gray has written a helpful new book on thinking. “The word liminal comes from a Latin root that means threshold. Literally a threshold is a doorway. But a threshold is also the beginning of every journey. A threshold is a boundary that marks a point of transition between one state and another. Liminal thinking is the art of finding, creating and using thresholds to create change. It is a kind of mindfulness that enables you to create positive change.”

  1. Get in touch with your ignorance. 2. Seek understanding. 3. Do something different.


World’s First Ciliary Microrobots Could Change the Way We Take Medicine


How Environment Shapes Identity.

Is it time to re-imagine our spaces? We shape our environment and it shapes us back.


The Babel Paradox


The World is Made of Language


Study shows US religion is worth $1.2T/year, more than America’s 10 biggest tech companies, combined

“This article summarizes the first documented quantitative national estimates of the economic value of religion to U.S. society. Specifically, the study provides conservative, mid-range, and high estimates. The study’s most conservative estimate, which takes into account only the revenues of faith-based organizations, is $378 billion annually – or more than a third of a trillion dollars. By way of economic perspective, this is more than the global annual revenues of tech giants Apple and Microsoft combined.”


This is the Week Self-Driving Cars Became Real


A World Without Work is Coming – It Could Be Utopia or It Could Be Hell


We Are Built to Be Kind


The Art of Pre-suasion


Insight on Race: Living While Black on Chicago’s North side


Human DNA Tied Mostly to Single Exodus from Africa Long Ago (Update)