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“In the last days, knowledge shall increase.” And AI will analyze it.

Watson, IBM’s artificial intelligence (AI) system, diagnosed a woman’s rare form of Leukemia when doctors were stumped. Thus allowing a treatment that saved her life. Watson looked at the woman’s genetic information and compared it to 20 million clinical oncology studies. After doing so, it determined the patient had an exceedingly rare form of leukemia. It made the diagnoses in 10 minutes.



Sebastian Junger’s new book, Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging, examines the increasing rates of PTSD in veterans. In the book he asks why American society facilitates high rates of suicide, depression, and PTSD, even though this is a country of affluence and wellbeing. What he finds afflicts everyone. And the affliction arises from a loss of community.

A person living in a modern city or a suburb can, for the first time in history, go through an entire day—or an entire life—mostly encountering complete strangers. They can be surrounded by others and yet feel deeply, dangerously alone.


Visions and Violins

While violinist, Paul Robertson, was in a coma, he had visions of life after death. Some were disturbing. His visions—17 in total—are the focus of his new memoir, Soundscapes: A Musician’s Journey Through Life and Death.


The Beauty that Happens in a Second

Another reason to be fully present and live in the now here (otherwise we are living “nowhere”).


Doing Dumb Things

Do you ever do something really dumb? Take heart. You are in good company. Here are 10 great studies you can use to read up on our shared fallibility.



Every day 42,500 boys, girls, women, and men are forced to flee their homes. Today, 1 out of 100 people in the world are refugees.



Why Groups and Prejudices Form So Easily: Social Identity Theory


They Will Know Us by Our Tweets


Mental Illness

Our culture shapes what mental illness looks like in individuals. How does it affect what we consider mental health?


Respect is for the Birds


How the Internet is Taking Away America’s Religion