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One of the best things about summer has to be music outdoors. Concerts spring up everywhere when the weather gets sunny. From impromptu guitar players in city parks to long-standing festivals featuring international artists, music and sunshine go together. Regardless of their stature, the best summer festivals all have one thing in common: everyone can participate in something. Whether you take in a free lunch-time event, or get tickets on the grass and bring a picnic, or queue for the Proms’ coveted day-of floor seats, festivals try hard to invite as wide an audience as possible. Festivals are mini celebrations, bringing people together in instant communities of focused participation. They are also crucibles for creativity, as artists from diverse genres and backgrounds come together to energize and spark something new. Shared experiences. Inspirational performances. Amplified delight. Over the next few weeks, Sound Theology will bring you music that will be (or has been) played at 2017 summer music festivals around the world. If have summer outdoor concerts in your neighborhood, go! If not, over the next few weeks, put on your headphones and take your phone or computer outside. Better yet, gather some friends and make your own outdoor music – it’s always good for the soul.

  ST#121 – Summer Music Festivals I

Started in 1980, the FIJM is held for 10 days in early July. This year’s event included over 650 concerts, the majority of them free and outdoors. The playlist includes a small sample of some of the featured artists in the 2017 festival lineup. For more details, see the festival link:

Festival International de Jazz de Montréal