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Groove /grōōv/ n : movement, rhythm, tempo, presence, joy.

In the grand dance of the Trinity, we have a place because that is how it was designed. We all belong; we each have a part to sing. Joining the dance, entering into the participation, finding the ‘sweet spot’. . . these could also be called the “groove.”

In his book “The Music Lesson,” author, environmentalist, mentor and one of Rolling Stone’s top 10 best bass players *ever* Victor Wooten, describes seven life lessons using the images and metaphors of music. His first lesson is “Don’t loose the groove to find a note.”

When we’re in step, in motion, engaged in the movement of the Spirit, we’re in the midst of something bigger than we are. Bigger than our limited knowing. Bigger and more inclusive than our narrow listening. When we’re in God’s groove, we are able to see and hear and move in ways that are honest to our deep passions, ways that honour the truth of “Christ in us!”

Victor Wooten has given us a metaphor that helps us to trust and live into the groove of the Trinity that surround, holds and enlivens all of creation. Finding ourselves in the groove is our truest way of being. We don’t need to reach for something outside of that groove, or look for that show-off note that will shine the spotlight on us. We shine most when we move to the groove of the Spirit, listening for the tuning fork of Jesus, singing our unique melody of love.

Sifu by Victor Wooten
from the album Palmystery

Victor Wooten
Improvisation/Amazing Grace
– Colleen Butcher