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People need stories; they need to be part of an ancient mythos that embraces the future. We all need to know our story. Since I found out I was adopted as an infant two years ago, I needed to find out my birth story and the stories of my birth family. I already had a large collection of stories from my Family (adopted), but for whatever reason, when I learned that I had a birth family, my soul thirsts for more of the story. The one thing that has comforted me in my search is that I am already part of the big story: The story of Jesus. In Luke 10:38-42 we find Mary wanting to hear the story from Jesus while Martha was only interested in being a good hostess. Read the verses and then think about it in connection with the following songs:

“Blessed Assurance” Shirley Caesar
“I Love to Tell the Story” – A Cappella – Chris Rupp
“Lamb of Glory” by Steve Green

Which one of the sisters had the right understanding of what it means to be in the story with Jesus?