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In these last days of Christmas, it is challenging to stay focused. The world has moved on. Folks are exhausted from the parties, the Valentine’s chocolates have appeared in the stores, and the Christmas decorations are dumped in the back corner of the clearance shelves.

But the lectionary calls us to Christmas themes of rejoicing and revelation. We rejoice because the light of the world has been revealed. Darkness has been pierced by the Light, the one we longed for has come and our waiting is over.

There’s a new, tiny baby in the house! Don’t you want to sit and look into her perfect face? Marvel at the beautiful, miniature fingers. Snuggle him close, swaddled in flannel blankets. Rock her gently as she falls asleep. Make funny faces and sounds as he cries.

Enter in. Be present. These moments are fleeting.

And so we continue to savor the season. We recognize that these are precious moments. We settle in. 

For just a little longer we remember that it’s still Christmas.


Oratorio de Noel, Op. 12

Camille Saint-Saens

Bachchor and Bachorchester of Mainz Conducted by Diethard Hellmann


Little Drummer Boy


(I can’t let the season go by without posting this one!)


Joy to the World

Whitney Houston