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Resilience and Reality


We are not who we think we are. Who are we? We are what we think others think we are. Let that sink in.


When we speak to someone else, neuron connections are made in their brain. Our words literally reshape another human brain at the microscopic level. Here is a fascinating TED talk on what the brain looks like on communication. We must choose our words (and word pictures) carefully. We are building something.


Yes, there is a formula for happiness.


Years ago I read a wonderful little book called, “Telling Yourself the Truth, by William Backus and Marie Chapian. For Good News spreaders, reframing is a particularly important habit.


What is the essence of our Good News methodology? Helping others see the redemptive future before is manifests.


Are stories the key to human intelligence?


Why You Shouldn’t Love Yourself Just as You Are


In the “Everything Will Preach Department,” what can an airplane (and turbulence) teach us about resilience? It has positional stability. That means every time it goes down a foot, it comes back up. And when it goes up a foot, it comes back down. It always stabilizes. What feels like chops and bumps is actually structural resilience.