Podcasts for Preachers

It’s often difficult to find the time for a study group with other ministers. Life gets busy and we just can’t seem to get our schedules to sync up so what do we do? This week’s digital feast will link you to podcasts which feel like a conversation and point to a few of my favorite FREE online resources for pastors.


The Lectionary Lab

Summary: How can you not listen to a podcast that has as its tagline “Two Bubbas and a Bible”?” There is a down home feel to this podcast and you’re able to listen to two friendly ministers talk about the texts in a conversational way. Tuning in to this podcast will give you wonderful insight into the text each week.

Read more at https://goo.gl/gW1B0E

Digitally mined from www.lectionarylab.com


Pulpit Fiction

Summary: I believe this podcast to be a bit of a rarity. The hosts, Rob McCoy and Eric Fistler, both appear to be in their thirties and bring fresh and contemporary insight to the Scripture. Again, this is a podcast which feels like a conversation and their website always has wonderful resources for each week’s lectionary texts. They also invite a wide variety of people to read the texts and often have a wonderful variety of music.

Read more at: https://goo.gl/cz4WpD

Digitally mined from www.pulpitfiction.us


The Liturgists

Summary: This podcast isn’t a resource for a weekly discussion of biblical texts but is, instead, a journey into a world of art, science, and faith. It is filled with a collaboration of digital liturgies and speaks to people who are interested in Christ, but often feel marginalized by traditional Christianity.

Read more at: https://goo.gl/AVQaXt

Digitally mined from: www.theliturgists.com


Newsworthy with Norsworthy

Summary: I discovered this podcast a few years ago when just bumping around the internet. Luke Norsworthy has turned out to be an intelligent young pastor who has the amazing ability to have guests on his show from a variety of religious traditions. You may tune in one week and hear someone like NT Wright and then next week it may be Richard Rohr or Rob Bell. Go through his podcast archives and listen to some rich and amazing guests.

Read and watch at: https://goo.gl/PDmjyM

Digitally mined from: lukenorsworthy.com


The Blue Letter Bible

Summary: This is one of my favorite resources. Am I looking for a text? Do I need a link to a Strong’s Concordance for Hebrew or Greek? I can use this online or download a free app for my phone. (Available for iOS or Android.) This is nice and handy and, best of all, FREE.

Read more at https://goo.gl/pQDeSH

Digitally mined from www.blueletterbible.org