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In bread we bring you Lord, our body’s labour

In wine we offer you our spirit’s grief.

We do not ask you, Lord, who is my neighbor?

But stand united now, in one belief.

For we have gladly heard your Word, your holy Word

And now in answer, Lord, our gifts we bring.

Our selfish hearts make true, our failing faith renew.

Our life belongs to you, our Lord and King.

The bread we offer you is blessed and broken,

And it becomes for us our spirit’s food.

Over the cup we bring, your Word is spoken;

Make it your gift to us, your healing blood.

Take all that daily toil, plants in our heart’s poor soil,

Take all we start and spoil, each hopeful dream.

The chances we have missed, the graces we resist,

Lord, in they Eucharist, take and redeem.

–Kevin Nichols, “In Bread We Bring You Lord”