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praise Thee, O God, for illuminating my mind and for enabling me to prove demonstratively that Thy wisdom is as infinite as Thy power. Help me to use these discoveries to praise and love and obey, and may I be exceedingly careful that my affections keep pace with my knowledge.
As I am more rationally persuaded that Thou art infinitely wise, so may I learn by this knowledge to practice a more hearty and universal subjection to Thee, more cheerfully to bow before the order of Thy providence, to submit my reason so far to my faith as not to doubt those points of faith which are mysterious to me through the weakness of my understanding.
May I adore the mystery I cannot comprehend. Help me to be not too curious in prying into those secret things that are known only to Thee, O God, nor too rash in censuring what I do not understand. May I not perplex myself about those methods of providence that seem to me involved and intricate, but resolve them into Thine infinite wisdom, who knowest the spirits of all flesh and dost best understand how to govern those souls Thou hast created.
We are of yesterday and know nothing. Bu Thy boundless mind comprehends, at one view, all things, past , present, and future, and as Thou dost see all things, Thou dost best understand what is good and proper for each individual and for me, with relation to both worlds. So deal with me, O my God. Amen.

–Susanna Wesley