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“A Christmas Prayer”

By Dorothy Hsu


It’s Christmas, Lord.

The season to be jolly and all that.

   But some of us aren’t so jolly.


It’s time for family to be together,

To sing ‘I’ll be home for Christmas.’

But Lord,

Some of our loved ones wont’ be home

This year,

Or ever.

And some of us find it very difficult

   To shop for Aunt Jane

And Grandpa.

   Some of us find our minds so

Occupied with a desperately ill child,

Or a tired worn-out body

   That we can’t cope with crowds

Or carols.

And some of find that

Happy memories of Christmases past

    Make this Christmas seem


Altogether unbearable.

It’s a temptation, Lord,

To just skip it.

   To refuse to decorate a tree,

Or send a card.

   Or purchase a single present,

For one alone,

   Such an approach is possible,

I suppose.

   But for little ones in a home,


                          It’s unfair.

   It takes tremendous strength

For some of us to say

   “Merry Christmas” this year.

More strength than

   Some of us even possesses

And that’s exactly why you came,

Isn’t it, Lord?

 Christmas Joy, compiled and edited by Joan Winmill Brown (Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1982), 48-49.