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America is not a melting pot. It is a salad bowl.

The metaphor shifted and it matters.


The Psychological Benefits of Writing Regularly

You don’t consider yourself a writer? There are so many reasons to cultivate the habit, even it is making a Facebook post.


Trauma Can be Passed from Parent to Child

So important. What is the spiritual term for epigenetics?


What would you say to the presidential candidate who claims “religion is literally killing us?” #apologetics

Economic Insecurity Increases Physical Pain



Two Atheists Try to Express Happiness in Face of Death.

I’m not convinced.


More Millennials Recognize Pikachu than Joe Biden


Scientific Resurrection

From virtual reality to the possibility of uploading the brain to a computer, humans are trying really hard to naturally create supernatural realities.


Better than Blood?


Can Transhumanism Lead Us Back to Orthodoxy?


Neuroscientists and Philosophers Debate Whether the World Exists


Food and Friendship

“Long before the advent of social media, human social networks were built around sharing a much more essential commodity: food.”


How to Change Your Habits: What We Have Learned


Sperm Whales All Descended from Single ‘Eve’


In The Next 30 Years, You Can Grow Your Baby in a Womb


Analysis of Metaphor: Methodology for the Psychological Interpretation of Culture


Sex or Intimacy

“Porn” use is by far the most common online sexual activity for adult males.

But we are missing the point. The male culture of escape and lack of intimacy is a big deal. We start life by being carried next to another human being for 9 months. By age 8, males begin receiving less touch from others. By age 30, friendships begin to drop off. Virtual reality is no substitute for screen time.


As Seen on Twitter

“Christians don’t actually read their Bibles. They pay a guy to read it for them and show up on Sunday for the book report.”