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The Distracted Mind


French train stations now have vending machines that dispense short stories to entertain you while you wait


How the Epidemic of Drug Overdose Deaths Ripples Across America


Why People Like You More When You Tell All


IMF urges governments to tackle record global debt of $152tn


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19 Detroit-area deaths since July tied to deadly painkiller


American Men Need Something to Do


Most Americans say children are better off with a parent at home


This treeless image of the neighborhoods of Santosh Park and Uttam Nagar in Delhi, India says so much about environmental degradation, lack of imagination and the need for stewardship.


How to Beat the Loneliness Epidemic


How income varies among U.S. religious groups


This is an article about plane crashes and technology. Notice the sentence about how, at one time, the pilots didn’t know whether the plane was going up or going down. It stood out as an apt analogy of our times. The best illustrations manifest as dot connecting and cross-discipline study.

Crash: How Computers are Setting Us Up for Disaster


25 New ‘Dead Sea Scrolls’ Revealed