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It’s that time of year, again. Resolutions, Times Square, fireworks, champagne, and kisses at midnight, followed by College football. Or, maybe you prefer Chamomile tea and early to bed, with the Rose Bowl parade set on the DVR. Either way, our New Year’s Eve/Day routines can become engrained over time. One routine that I hope you’ll embrace is to start the year with a blessing.

This week’s playlist is a remarkable collection of blessings: listen closely and choose one that particularly resonates with you. Then, add it to you morning or evening routine. Let the words sink into your soul. Be reminded of God’s promises. Let the Holy Spirit stir up hope. Breathe.

As the days unfold, the music and words become part of the sound track of your life. Many, many songs and hymns focus on blessing and praising God. But at the beginning of this new year, I need to sink into the words of blessing that remind me of God’s always-present love. I listen to, and sing, these songs to allow the truth to sink deep into my bones. The past two years have been difficult. I am tired. But God’s blessings are eternal. A line from Steve Bell’s For the Journey reflects my feeling:

“If you’re like me you need to hear somebody pray, May the Lord bless and keep you … ”

And Angel’s Blessings, by Debbie Friedman reminds me:

“All around us is Shechinah.”

This week’s playlist is full of blessing, in the music of John Rutter, Steve Bell, Laura Story, Chris and Michael Cleveland, Debbie Friedman, Peter Lutkin, Dennis Jernigan, and Philip Stoppford.


ST#145 – New Year’s Blessings