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Nature vs. Nurture

Here is fascinating piece on nature vs. nurture. Fun facts like this: Violence on the Kibbutz in Israel is so low that the criminal courts send violent offenders there to learn how to live a non-violent life.


Scientists think they have found a hormone that reverses cell aging in humans


Chinese geneticists to do first ever CRISPR trial on humans – Will edit their T cells to hopefully destroy cancer tumors


The Geography of Empathy and Apathy: Some Countries We Care about More than Others


The Power of Words: Tony Robbins shares the breakthrough moment that changed his life.


Speaking of Tony Robbins, have you seen the Netflix documentary, I am Not Your Guru? According to IMBD, it “goes behind the scenes of his mammoth seminar “Date with Destiny,” attended by over 2,500 people in Boca Raton, Florida, each year, to give an insider look at how one man can affect millions. Granted never before seen access to the behind the scenes modus operandi of this enormous event, this film captures both the immense effort of producing this live seminar, as well as the life-changing transformations of the participants in real time.”

Warning: Tony uses profanity as a communication technique. He calls it taboo language. What you may find interesting is the emotional connection being made. Christ communicators would do well to learn from it.=


The Innovation of Loneliness


The Last VCR