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Just one video this week, and one idea to mull over: what do you have hidden within, and what catalyst do you need to help you explore this mystery?

Bobby McFerrin is a musical genius. Forget that he wrote one of the most recognizable and relentlessly memorable tunes, ever (and, did you know that his famous song is based on Psalm 36?) McFerrin is no one-hit-wonder. For decades he has travelled the world, singing, teaching, and exploding the musical establishment’s boxes, just like he does in this video.

How does he do it? Well, first of all, he is a man of prayer. He knows the scriptures and he is openly devoted to reading and engaging with the person he calls his “Rock.” Second, he believes in the universal gift of music and its mystery, placed deep inside each and every person. For him, every interaction is part of a process of unlocking and revealing this mystery. Third, he exudes joy. He is relentlessly positive and loves others through music. He is a generous and engaged teacher.

This video speaks to me in so many ways, but front and center is McFerrin’s belief that, within every person, is a hidden musical expression that will reveal itself in all its glory, if given an opportunity. He doesn’t pontificate about the pentatonic scale – he draws it out. He slowly opens the attic door and allows the radiant beams of light to shine into the dark corners. By example, he shows the music how to become audible, to become real.

Music is deeply embedded in each of us – it is the foundation of life – waiting to be released. How do people know what to sing? It’s inside, waiting to be freed. How do you know what to do next? Listen for Christ and go be with him. Everything you need is already given to you as gift and mystery.


Bobby McFerrin at the World Science Festival


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