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The Theology of Shalom


No hopers? Millennials have ‘very little’ confidence in major institutions including banks, the criminal justice system and the government, survey finds.


Utilizing the Hero’s Journey Agenda in Your Next Meeting


Worth Repeating: America is Experiencing a Monstrous Drug Epidemic


We’re growing brains in labs and it has serious moral


The History of Consumerism. Note: To ‘Consume’ Means to Destroy.


A new book by former Navy SEALS Shows That Teaching People to Own Their Failures (and sins) Is the First Step Toward Understanding Grace. We cannot overcome any fault or mistake until we completely own it. So when we mess up we admit no one else is responsible for our actions. We alone made the mistake. It doesn’t matter if the team failed, if we led them, we own the failure 100%. When the team wins, we share the credit. That’s the deal. That is what leadership looks like.


This report is on one state, but the problem is US-wide.

Kids in Foster Care: The Orphans Among Us