“The mind of the many is not the mind of God.”

George MacDonald


When Our Memories Are Both Vivid and Wrong

Summary: “Our ‘flashbulb memories’ of shocking events like the Challenger disaster or 9/11 seem sharp but are almost always inaccurate.”

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The skills your kids should cultivate to be competitive in the age of automation

Summary: “We’re all getting used to the thought that in a not-so-distant future, competition for jobs won’t just be other humans, it will also be an intelligent robot, self-driving car, or other artificial agent….As parents, how will we advise our kids in an ever changing world?”

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How Being Bored Out of Your Mind Makes You More Creative

Summary: What if boredom is a meaningful experience—one that propels us to states of deeper thoughtfulness or creativity?”

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How the Mind Comes Into Being

Summary: When we interact with our world – regardless if by means of a simple grasp, a smile, or the utterance of a sentence – we are typically quite confident that it was us who intended to and thus executed the interaction. But what is this “us”? Is it something physical or something mental? Is it merely a deterministic program or is there more to it? And how does it develop, that is, how does the mind come into being?”

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Sorry, But Speed Reading Won’t Help You Read More

Summary: “We think everyone else reads faster than we do, that we should be able to speed up, and that it would be a huge advantage if we could. You could read as much as a book critic for the New York Times. You could finish Infinite Jest. You could read all of Wikipedia. So, how fast can people read?”

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