If you swear a lot it may tell you how honest you are

Summary: “The researchers say swearing is often used to express one’s feelings, which suggests people who do this more regularly portray themselves in a more honest light.”

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When Autism Fidget Toys Become The Latest Craze

Summary: ““Mum, it’s like everyone wants to be autistic like me now!” my 8-year-old daughter announced as she came out of school on Monday. She was referring to the latest “craze” for the fidget spinner in her school (and it seems every other school in the country). Suddenly it was “cool” to want to fidget, and if you didn’t have the must-have fidget toy, you were somehow the odd one out.

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Harnessing Your Personal Monsters

Summary: “It’s customary as humans to experience a variety of emotions and moods throughout our lifetime. In fact, most of us see numerous moods come and go daily. Whether these emotions are fueled via our own actions and thoughts, or the actions and thoughts of others, it’s understandably frustrating to go from one mood to another and witness your day begin its decline downhill.

Artist Christie Shinn has cracked the code when it comes to why we feel the way we do in any given moment, and it may not be what you expect.”

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Why people don’t return shopping carts…

Summary: “Why do so many people just leave their shopping carts in the parking lot after unloading groceries instead of rolling them to the receptacles? Sure, one answer is laziness. But it’s actually more interesting than that, involving what kind of cart user you are and how your motivation aligns with two general categories of social norms.”

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Does Science Equal Atheism?

Summary: “For the New Atheists, the world of science and religion is black and white. They tend to speak about “the Church” and “Christianity” as if they are fixed, homogeneous entities, whereas they allow “science” to change and modernize over time. This makes it very easy for them to say that science, which in their view is fully up to date, necessarily conflicts with religion, which in their view is stuck hopelessly in the past.”

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