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I was reading about “Middle C” the other day. It seems that depending on who you ask, the sound of that “note” changes. Unlike God, we try to change everything, yet never really do. You see, when we “change things,” we are really only redefining what already is. We change our hairstyle, yet it’s still us… and in a few days, the hair grows back out, and the “new” is now old. We change where we live, but where ever we move to becomes “home.” We are always trying to change things. Change in itself is not bad. It is really good when God changes things. In reality, He is not changing anything except our hearts. What he is really doing is re-signing our understanding of things as we see them and showing us how He wants us to see them. See, He never changes. No matter how we try to define things, we are just deciding how middle c sounds. What we should be doing is just playing a note and let whatever tone comes out praise Him.

Some videos for you to contemplate:
“He Never Changes” by 4Him

“God Never Changes” by Ana Gabriela