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The Adorable Maps Today’s Cartographers Made as Kids


Summary: Have you ever wondered how someone got their start? Does a love for one’s work begin at an early age? Isn’t our work supposed to be a vocation rather than simply a job? Take a look at how these eight cartographers got their start.

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Interactive Map Shows How Healthy (Or Unhealthy) Your Neighborhood Is

Summary: This interactive map from the CDC looks at smoking rates, obesity prevalence, and binge drinking habits in addition to insurance rates and other health risk factors. As the world progresses forward, more information is available which will help give us better insight into the communities in which we live.

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Lovin’ On the Freakshow Sitting Next to You: The Church According to Twenty One Pilots


All my friends are heathens, take it slow

Wait for them to ask you who you know

Please don’t make any sudden moves

You don’t know the half of the abuse

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After-Hours Email Can Make You Sick, Science Warns

Summary: “Recently France approved a proposed law which gives employees a “right to disconnect.” The legislation obliges companies to shield their people from the kind of after hours work email barrage that’s pretty much standard practice over here in the U.S.”

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What Causes Burnout and How to Overcome It

Summary: “It’s common to feel tired after a long day at work or to need a holiday after a month-long sprint to finish a new feature. But sadly it’s also common to feel tired all the time. To lack enthusiasm about your work. To feel cynical and disengaged from what you do.

These are all symptoms of burnout, which is becoming more common as our work lives become busier, more demanding, and more stressful.


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