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Over the next few weeks, Sound Theology will provide listening resources for your Lenten journey.

Knowing this Lenten story, and how it all turns out, is both a benefit and a hindrance to our travels. On one hand, we know that there is a great rejoicing to be revealed; on the other hand we know that there is also great pain. Our willingness to walk into the pain, again, knowing all that we know, is tempered by re-entering the story with open hearts to learn more, to be broken, and ultimately transformed … again.

Music has always been a critical component of the liturgical cycle. Whether personal or corporate, sung a cappella or with full orchestral accompaniment, the music we listen to has the power to change us, by drawing us more fully into the story. The sound track of our pilgrimage over the next few weeks will be varied – contemporary, classical, chant and maybe a few surprises as well. Listen. The crunch of gravel underfoot provides a rhythm track. As you walk, perhaps one or two of these songs will strengthen you along the path this week.

Today’s playlist can be found on Spotify. It is a collection of contemporary worship songs – Forty songs for the 40 Days of Lent. You will find some familiar music here, but hopefully some new selections as well. The collection was created by the youth team at the Franciscan University of Steubenville.


Steubenville Youth – Playlist 40 songs for 40 days


Direct link to the Spotify Playlist