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If you’ve ever had a conversation about scripture and worship, you’ve heard or used the phrase “the Psalms are the hymn book of the Bible.” Although we all know this phrase, the reality is that most churches never sing the Psalms . . . well, except for maybe Ps 46 (Be Still and Know), Ps 42 (As the Deer Panteth (which has bad grammar)) and variations of Ps 150 (any hymn or song that repeats “Praise the Lord!”). 

This week’s sound track includes three hours of Psalm settings. Can you imagine setting the scriptures in the hearts of your congregation by incorporating some of these regularly into your worship? Research shows (and teenagers attest) that words set to music embed pathways in our brains that remain long after the songs have been sung. Let’s be intentional about creating pathways of scripture in our hearts and minds. If there is any practice that can make Lent more meaningful, I have argued that it is singing together. Sing the Psalms. Sing the Psalms together!

As you listen this week, may the psalms enter your soul and encourage your heart.


YouTube playlist of choral Psalm settings. Colleen