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It’s that season again. Like clockwork.

You know this chapter of the story. It calls to you. It draws you.

The Story echoes into our own stories and shatters our complacency. We are shaken from the rhythms of ordinary time and swept into the tempos of Lent.

A slower pace; not plodding, but not spritely either. Attentive and aware that the scenery has changed and that we will, in time – if we choose to – be changed, too. The landscape I inhabit in these days will be different from yours. But the unfolding story invites each of us along the Lenten path. Jungle or desert, mountain or valley, ocean or ice pack, all lead to the cross. Whichever path is yours in this season, Jesus is your companion. Let his story be yours.

There are two very different journeying songs in this first playlist for Lent: Sound Theology #180 – Lent 1