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The longest days are coming to close for this year. The leaning into darkness will begin to tilt in a different direction soon. The promise of light is on the horizon.

But for a few more cycles, the earth’s angle impedes the light . . . the light is shining, but it’s not visible to us.

And so we lean into the dark, again.

The cultural imagery, metaphors and music of darkness need little introduction. But the biblical witness tells us of the Spirit hovering in the darkness. The creation of all that is began in darkness. There is no place where God is not, and life-giving creation comes out of the dark as easily as it comes out of light.

In these last days of Advent, lean into the space that is hidden from the light. God is there. The Spirit is at work. The Light of the World is about to break in.


Arvo Pärt, Nunc Dimitis

The Tallis Scholars

(The text of this work is an adaptation of the words of Simeon, when he was introduced to Jesus in the Temple.)


O Come, O Come Emmanuel

Lindsey Stirling and Kuha’o Case


Taizé, Wait for the Lord


John Rutter, Candlelight Carol


Joan Baez singing I Wonder as I Wander

(so many interesting and beautiful arrangements of this, it is difficult to choose!)