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We have waited. We have been silent. We have anticipated. We have remembered.

The day is here. The baby—the promised one—has come!

However, lest we begin to imagine that this longed-for arrival was the result of our waiting, or our silence, Isaac Watts’ lyrics challenge us to find our appropriate place in the story.

Receive! Make room! Sing! Share the joy! Do good! Rejoice! Wonder! Love!

Wonders of His love…

This is a wonder. A wonder-full.

God’s stunning gift doesn’t require, but he certainly does invite.

You are invited to the manger…we are invited to the manger.

We are welcomed into the story: to share it, to receive it, to rejoice in it.


Repeat the sounding Joy!

And the wonders of his Love!

Merry Christmas.


ST#91 – Joy to the World