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Do you think that the triune creator of every creature that flies and swims and crawls and of every colour, shape and size of plant, and of multitudes of organisms that have not even been discovered yet would have created only one kind of beautiful? That seems impossible to me.

The thing about beauty is that it resonates deep in your soul. It reverberates in your personal experiences and reflects your unique loves and life. There’s a “U” in beautiful and “you” get to help choose what beautiful sounds like.

This week I chose works featuring my favourite beautiful instrument. May I introduce you to the viola . . . the alto member of the string family! And may you find something of beauty here that resonates with your soul this week.

Nobuko Imai, viola and Roger Vignoles piano

Henri Vieuxtemps, Sonata in Bb, Op. 36

Cesar Frank, Elegie, Op 30

Steven Dann and Michel Camille

Frank Bridge, Lament for Two Violas

To get a sense of why violists are all-round great people who love community and have a great sense of humour, listen to this lovely interview with Teng Li, principal violist of the Toronto Symphony.

Post your best viola jokes below . . . we can take it!