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During the past six weeks of listening to ensembles and focusing on the characteristics of ensemble, I have also been mulling over the first chapter of Colossians, especially verse 17:

He existed before anything else,     and he holds all creation together.

This glorious hymn in Colossians (v.15-20) affirms, confirms, and then reaffirms the centrality of Christ before, in, and after … everything! The ensemble (togetherness) of eternity is Christ.

In the coming week, we will re-member the path of Jesus and the disciples from Bethany, through Jerusalem, to Calvary. The soundtrack that sets these stories to music includes compositions from the earliest chants through to modern expression, and could fill weeks and weeks of listening. There are over 30 published settings of the Seven Last Words of Christ, for example, from as early as the 1500s.

Accordingly, this week’s playlist is longer than usual and includes selections for the named days from Palm/Passion Sunday through the Easter Vigil (Saturday).

Let this music soak into your heart and soul, and maybe even your bones as we walk together toward Easter.


ST106 – Music for Holy Week


Additional music for Good Friday: J. S. Bach, Mass in B minor