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Of course, none of us knew, a week ago, what this past week would hold. The unexplainable violence. The continuing litany of names of those killed with guns. The shedding of blood in parking lots, on street corners, and inside cars! The sons and husbands and daddys who will never hold the hands of their loved ones again.

The weeping echoes and reverberates in bones and marrow, in oceans and mountains, in hearts and mouths … everywhere.

So many eloquent, poetic and prophetic words have been spoken and written this week, that we must now turn to music to fill in the gaps. To amplify the lament and the grief, when voices become hoarse and bodies collapse from exhaustion.

These voices have known sorrow and injustice. These voices – these lives –  express a depth beyond the commonplace. Listen well.


Sound Theology YouTube Playlist #67 – Jazz Lament