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Acts 9:36-43

Tabitha (Dorcas) had died.  She was one who had done so much for so many.  For someone who was so full of life to be an empty shell was devastating to those around her.

You see, the name Tabitha (Dorcas) means Gazelle.  Not only was Gazelle her name, but it was also most likely how Tabitha lived. 

A gazelle is a beautiful animal who can run exceedingly fast and leap in quick bursts.  The gazelle is seen as an animal of beauty and grace. Many times, you will find beautiful people compared to gazelles.

Even more enlightening is that she lived in the town of Joppa which means beauty. Here you have a beautiful woman who lived a beautiful life, spreading love and life to those around her, living in a town called beauty.

But she now she is dead…

Her friends called Peter to come and help.  Peter was in a nearby town… a town called Lydda. Ironically (or maybe not) means strife.  Peter travels to Joppa and goes up to the room where Tabitha’s is laid.  Peter clears the room, then prays. After he prayed, he turns to Tabitha and says “Tabitha, get up.”   Life again flows into her, and she gets up! Not only was Tabitha resurrected, but her because of her life renewed, many around her came to Christ.

Here is the rest of the story… Tabitha was most likely a seamstress. She spent her life making clothes for. She was also always ministering to others.  She was probably burnt out. This is what happens to so many people who serve others. Yet there is healing that comes out of strife (Lydda).

Peter prayed for Tabitha; Peter asked Tabitha to stand, then Peter helped Tabitha to stand.

There are many people who are hurting, there as so many who are dead inside. Ours is to call them back to the beauty they were created to be. Maybe we are them…so…Stand up and Run.

We were created not just to live, but to be alive.  But sometimes we find ourselves burnt-out, defeated and living a life which leads to death.  Yet Restoration comes from Christ.  Renewal is in Christ. Revival is found in Christ; resurrection is found in Christ.  As he was resurrected, we too can be resurrected. As we celebrate the 4th Sunday of Easter, Like Tabitha, let us get up!

In the song “Resurrection Power” by Chris Tomlin, we are reminded that because of Christ, we can be resurrected, we can be restored, we can be restored. ffffffffffff