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This is the second-last week of music inspired by the CBC’s Signature Series: a collection of stories told about music in different keys. Pietropaolo, the producer of this series, calls G major the Trusty Sidekick, and identifies Samwise Gamgee as an example of the ideal traveling companion, because of his loyalty to the task of the shared journey.

From a musical perspective, J. S. Bach is a particularly trustworthy guide and fellow pilgrim for any theological meanderings you might embark upon. The musical hallmark of Lutheran liturgy, Bach’s composing and performing flourished because of the patronage of the established churches of St. Nicholas and St. Thomas in Leipzig, and their attached religious schools. From 1723, to his death in 1750, Bach wrote hundreds of cantatas for worship, as well as works for keyboard and small groups of chamber musicians. Although his prior postings were arguably more prestigious, Bach’s commitment to his faith drew him to Leipzig, and for the last 16 years of his life, he composed almost exclusively for the church . 

The G major playlist features only the music by Bach – from the simple melody of the Minuet in G, through the ethereal solo cello suite No. 1, to the Brandenburg Concerto #3 (often referred to as one of the finest works of the Baroque period).

Enjoy Bach as your musical companion this week.


The CBC Signature Series in G major includes a Sound Cloud recording of the original radio broadcast.

The Sound Theology G Major playlist