Summary: Had my desire for revenge made a Mengele of me? Worse still, was I trying to pass off my personal revenge fantasy as high-minded and rational, inspired by Google searches I digni­fied as “scientific data”? And so I signed on to Change My View, a section of Reddit where people post opinions and ask to have them changed.

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Florida Senate bill suggests expanding free speech to anywhere outdoors on campus

Summary: The “Campus Free Expression Act,” would prevent public institutions of higher education, like UF, from restricting free speech to certain areas of campus, known as “free speech zones.” Under this bill, which was introduced Jan. 11, free speech would be permitted in all outdoor areas of campus, as long as it doesn’t disrupt school operations.

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New UC Berkeley policy and commission respond to ‘free speech’ controversies

Summary: As more and more institutions of higher learning struggle with having free speech expressed on their campus, UC Berkley establish new guidelines in the wake of last year’s problems.

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The Politics of Listening: On Free Speech and Left-Wing Fundamentalism

Summary: In listening, we have to take seriously who is before us and attend to the situation rather than predetermine what to do in accord with some prior agenda, ideology or strategy of control. Against the ideologically driven, often paranoid and polarizing politics of the fundamentalist or extremist left, political action born out of listening acts in trust that others not like me, with whom I disagree and who may well be a threat to me, might have something to teach me. In short, it demands the humility to recognize that, whatever the justice of my cause, I could be wrong and don’t have a monopoly on wisdom about how to live well.

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