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This week’s Signature Series key is F major: The Perfect Companion.

Today in worship we remembered saints, both gone and in our midst. We spoke of companionship and camaraderie, mutuality and mentorship, sorrow and joy. We lit candles and listened as the bell tolled. Most importantly, we prayed.

The perfect companion is one who is always with you, through thick and thin. We know that we have a perfect companion, Jesus. And we also have the companionship of a great company of hosts: some of this company have touched us directly, others have inspired and encouraged us through their writing, or art, or life story. Even the – to us –  anonymous lives have contributed to the web of interconnections that create the threads of our faith.

The F major works have beauty and pathos. Perfect companions for your faith journey this week.


The CBC Signature Series in F major includes a Sound Cloud recording of the original radio broadcast.

The Sound Theology F major playlist includes works by Pärt, Mozart, Bellini, Mahler, Chopin, and Schumann.